About MirrorTap ®

The MirrorTap MTX is constructed of 24 gauge wire with a 2 amp inline fuse with a black braided flexible sleeve. No More Cigarette Lighter Power Cord!
Please note: Our installation instructions do not show you the exact Slots in your harness to poke the Taps into, you'll have to either test your Slots for +12V Switch (VoltMeter) and Ground (OhmMeter), or visit a stereo installer or 12Volt Shop. Basically, if your Radar Detector is BlendMounted under your AUTO Dimming mirror (with exposed Wire Harness on its rear face), the 10" overall length is long enough. We recommend the 15" overall length for Suction Cup mounted radar detectors NEAR the AUTO Dimming Mirror's exposed Wire Harness. The 15" overall length is also best if the RJ11 jack on your RD is on the opposite side of your Mirror's Harness; we include cable zip ties to secure any slack.

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Compatible Radar Detectors

Escort ®

Max 360, Max2, Max, ESCORT iX, PASSPORT, PASSPORT 9500ix, PASSPORT 9500i, REDLINE, PASSPORT 8500 X50 BLUE, PASSPORT 8500 X50 RED, C65, SOLO S2, SOLO S3, SC 55, SmartRadar

Beltronics ®

GT-7, PRO 100/200/300/500, GX 65, STI DRIVER, STI MAGNUM, RX 65 BLUE, RX 65 RED, VECTOR 995, VECTOR 955, VECTOR 940, V6, V8, V10

Valentine One ®


Uniden ®

LRD950, LRD850, DRF6, DRF7